Cronboard is a control dashboard for scheduled code executions in your Laravel application. It aims to provide a way to quickly and safely make changes to any of your existing definition or schedule custom executions without the need to touch your codebase and initiate a new deployment. In addition to that it provides a number of useful statistics, metrics and information to give an overview of the results for each execution.


The main goal of this project is to make a developer's life easier by giving them the tools to test, control and track scheduled process in their applications. Below you'll find key points and considerations that have been embedded in the core of the product.


Integration of Cronboard in your projects has been developed to be as risk-free as possible, in the sense that your scheduled tasks should continue running undisturbed, even when there are connectivity or other issues with the dashboard integration.

Quick to start using

Integrating with Cronboard should not take more than a few minutes, and does not require you to do any additional configuration to just adding your project. Cronboard will identify all of your scheduled tasks and executable pieces of code automatically and allow you to jump right in to what matters.

Schedule controls for tasks

You can deactivate scheduled tasks or alter their execution schedules without the need to re-deploy your project. The dashboard will provide information about their next and last executions, including dates and resilts.

Execute any piece of code

Cronboard's discovery process allows you to create scheduled tasks on the fly, without the need to write any additional code. Useful during testing, or for one-off executions of any "command-like" (see Comands) piece of code.

Custom parameters for executions

You can alter a number of parameters for each task (or custom execution). You have full control to specify how the task's handler class will be instantiated, what parameters will be used, and even - the ability to alter the application configuration or environment only for the scope of that single task or execution.

Delayed and immediate executions

In addition to defining custom schedules you can create custom, one-off scheduled task executions. The dashboard gives you the ability to schedule any task to run immediately (outside of its normal schedule) or at a certain date and time

Statistics, metrics and reports

For each task execution a number of metrics are recorded, including resources used, time it took to execute, the results of the execution and any number of custom defined variables you pass as part of your scheduled task execution.